Custom-made bags:

A custom-made MATYOX bag is based on an existing MATYOX bag design, which can be adjusted to other measurements and does not require changes to the structural design of the bag. This also includes crafting a bag in colors that are not currently available in our inventory. The process of making a bespoke bag takes approximately ten business days.



Inspiration bags:

An inspiration bag is unique. The process of crafting this type of bag involves speaking with an expert craftsman who will shape the bag that inspires you. Our advisor will help you conceptualize a feasible design idea that includes the selection of the materials to be used. The process of crafting an inspiration bag takes approximately 20 business days after the design is defined.


Special details for your customers:

Our accessories can become a distinctive promotional detail for your customers. Through MATYOX products you can strengthen your brand and communicate your style and values. You can contact us by filling the following form and a representative will follow up with you shortly.  


Matyox Bolsos de Cuero con incrustaciones de tejido del Altiplano de Guatemala