MATYOX es Arte-Sano Típico

MATYOX is Guatemalan craftsmanship (Arte-Sano Típico). Our objective is to be avant-garde in the design and production of bags that, due to their creative combination of leather and hand-made textiles designed by the weavers from the Guatemalan highlands, are considered authentic pieces of art by their owners. We seek to bring to the national and international market new and modern proposals for leather bags that incorporate into their design hand-woven textiles from the Guatemalan highlands.

Our vision is to ensure that handmade textiles are valued as authentic art, allowing the artisans to be properly compensated, as well as generate interest in future generations in learning and continuing the technique of handmade weaving.

The name that we have selected for the brand has been conceived in the Mayan Kaqchikel language as a tribute to the origin of textiles. We have also selected the word MATYOX because it means «thank you», for us a word that encompasses the general feeling of our project. In honor to the weavers of the Guatemalan highlands, our brand image includes a tocoyal (a band worn around the head by indigenous women) as the main element.

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